Illumina and frequent client American Institutes for Research (AIR) are working the 4th and final module in a series entitled “Emotional Intelligence.” The series is part of a larger curriculum of eLearning modules called “Living the AIR Values.”

Module 4 titled “Relationship Management” engages learners in various aspects of the topic and ultimately provides them with a personalized “roadmap” for enhancing a work relationship that they identify in working through the module. Illumina has been working with AIR on this series since 2019, this final module is slated to release in late 2020. Modules 1, 2, and 3 have been rolled out and released over the past year.

Developed in Storyline, the “Emotional Intelligence” module results in learners entering  information and making choices in terms of areas they want to work on.  Storyline generates a customized report for learners, identifying competencies where they demonstrate inherent strengths and areas where there is room for further development.

As part of the process, VP of eLearning Development at Illumina, Hal Stokes, works alongside the client’s instructional design team to fine tune their ideas into the construct of Storyline.

“What’s interesting about this particular series is that it harkens back to other accompanying resources available on the AIR LMS, resulting in a comprehensive approach that encourages learners to develop their own professional paths,” says Stokes.

Separately, but related to this latest module, Illumina recently completed “Future Focused,” which is a big picture overview of how the online courses and other resources provided by AIR form a rich learning collection for employees. “AIR is embracing portable skills – skills that make employees better, and that enrich the environment at AIR,” says Stokes. “Future Focused,” a 12-minute Vyond animation, was rolled out in early 2020.