What Makes Multimedia Learning So Impactful? Revisiting Multimedia Learning Theory – Part 1: The Basics

In a previous post, we discussed how using audio and visual elements strategically in learning design can be tremendously impactful. Multimedia instruction is not new, and for many decades, learning designers around the world have been using multimedia to create dynamic and engaging learning experiences….

6 Tips for Helping Your SME Make Their Best Contribution to Your E-learning Project

As an instructional designer or course developer, you know the importance of identifying the right objectives to support your topic. No matter what the topic or learning objectives, though, every e-learning course actually has the same purpose: to convey knowledge to an audience of learners….

It’s Not Enough to Overcome the Forgetting Curve—Make Each Learning Moment Memorable

In a recent Illumina blog post, Jean Marrapodi, PhD described our mission as learning designers: to create learning activities that capture and maintain learner interest. She talked about three effective ways to structure learning activities for maximum retention: microlearning, drip learning, and spaced learning. These…