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Engaging Experiences Ensure Successful Learning

Expertly crafted and custom eLearning experiences paired with engaging, interactive content are the hallmarks of the finest online courses. There is simply no substitute when it comes to creating custom instructional content or training with the highest degree of learning, retention, and application potential in a digital age.

In a world of distractions and interruptions, the most experienced and accomplished eLearning developers know this. Storytelling savvy blended with instructional design and deployment know-how are the proverbial keys to success.

At Illumina Interactive, we understand this.
And we’ve been blazing the eLearning trail for almost 25 years.

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Some of the companies we’ve served

Custom Training and eLearning Solutions that

Today’s knowledge-driven organizations recognize the true importance of ongoing learning to enhance the performance of individuals and your overall business.

Custom eLearning solutions let you achieve these strategic learning goals with greater reach, repeatability, flexibility, and quality of instruction at a lower total cost ensuring higher profitability.

Custom eLearning Development

Custom eLearning Development

Illumina emphasizes thoughtful instructional design and creative interactive development. Our experts unlock the full potential of technologies to engage and stimulate learners in uniquely powerful fashion.

LMS + CMS Integration

LMS + CMS Integration

Whether you already have a suitable Learning Management System in place or need one as part of your project, Illumina can help. We always ask the right questions up front in order to determine
the best solution.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Illumina develops online communities of shared practice that help our clients extend the learning experience beyond a single course or curriculum to create ongoing opportunities for growth and personal development.

Blended Learning Programs

Blended Learning Programs

Increasingly, “blended learning” is coming to mean an appropriate, targeted selection of asynchronous self-paced e-learning, synchronous e-learning (in the form of live classrooms and webinars) and additional tools.

Accessibility + 508 Compliance

Accessibility + 508 Compliance

Developing fully accessible e-learning applications isn’t easy. It often needs to start at the beginning of a project, with the instructional designer and the developer exploring how an intricate interactivity can be made accessible.

Multi-Device Applications

Multi-Device Applications

Illumina’s e-learning applications are designed to play on a wide range of devices and platforms: from standard web browsers to the latest tablets and mobile phones including iOS, Android and Windows operating platforms.

Translation + Localization

Translation + Localization

Whether you need to globalize, localize, or both, Illumina offers extensive experience and an expert network of international language and learning resources as well as the process and systems to tailor for language and culture.

Program Hosting + Support

Program Hosting +Support

Our services don’t stop when we launch a custom e-learning course or online learning portal. Whether you host it or you engage us to set up hosting for you, we stand by our work and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Proven Learner Engagement

More so now than any time in history, traditional training methods generally equate to one consistent result: lack of engagement and impact. Moreover, organizations that base their online learning solutions primarily on using eLearning templates, drag-and-drop content blocks, and off-the-shelf or SaaS software don’t do much to help prevent boredom and a sense of obligation in the learner – the opposite of the desired result.

We do it differently.

By incorporating unique themes, captivating visual storytelling, and innovative interactions blended with creative problem-solving on the part of the end-user, we address the real needs and engagement points of the learner.

Customized eLearning delivered in a way that ensures the greatest chances of lasting learner benefit.

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    Praise + Testimonials

    Our Customers Love What We Do

    We are passionate about exceeding our clients’ expectations. While most of our projects are confidential, some of our customers allow us to publicize their experience in working with us and our ability to engage, educate, and entertain their learners.

    “Working with Michael, Jason, and the entire Illumina team has been a joy from start to finish. They took a vision that we had sketched out on paper and turned it into an incredible learning experience that is visually rich and beautifully designed, totally intuitive to learners of all ages, deeply engaging, and fully accessible. They have remained totally committed partners as we have experimented with different learning platforms, delivery models, and models for capturing data; their technical expertise and creativity are unparalleled, and I hope to continue working with them for years to come.”

    Meira Levinson, Ph.D.
    Professor of Education
    Harvard Graduate School of Education

    “I worked with the Illumina team on a large-scale project that included the delivery of ten distinct, multi-media products. Each one involved multiple rounds of review and revision, as our client was extremely involved in the details of product development at every stage. Illumina’s team provided reliable project management, kept up with a blizzard of details, and delivered a quality product at each point. Best of all, however, was their complete commitment to being a true partner: rolling up their sleeves to collaboratively solve the repeated challenges to timeline, scope, and budget in a creative and good humored manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to take on new projects of any scope with Illumina as my partner!”

    Sue Vargo, Psy.D.
    Co-Director, Learning Technologies Team
    Technology Solutions
    American Institutes for Research