Illumina and our client, Harvard Graduate School of Education, won a Fall 2019 Omni Award for “Promotion or Retention – A Dilemma in Educational Ethics”. This course, which won a Silver Award in the Educational category, is a novel multimedia case study designed to help teachers, school administrators, guidance counselors, and students in education and in philosophy grapple with key concepts and dilemmas in educational ethics. Users are responsible for deciding whether “Ada,” a fictitious over-age but underachieving 8th grader, should be retained in 8th grade, promoted to 9th grade, or sent to an alternative school.

In addition, Illumina and our long-time partner, IBIS Consulting Group, won two more Fall 2019 Bronze Omni Awards for “Understanding the Impact of Unconscious Bias in a University Setting.” Having created unconscious bias e-learning, Illumina and IBIS then worked extensively with the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity and University Human Resources at Brown University, to focus specifically on the challenges and situations in a major educational institution. Finally, the e-learning modules were then “genericized” by IBIS and Illumina, to meet the needs of higher education, for use throughout a wider range of college and university environments. The modules are offered in three separate versions: a faculty module, a staff module, and a student module. Each module is 30-45 minutes in duration and includes video scenarios, with opportunities to identify unconscious bias and improved behaviors, using specific scenarios and characters that are distinct to faculty, staff, and students and the challenges they face.

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