Illumina and American Institutes for Research (AIR) have collaborated on multiple projects in the last several years, for both AIR clients and AIR internal use. A recent joint effort helped New York State improve adult literacy programs. One such program is Literacy Zone, working with adults needing improvement of their basic literacy skills, whether this has been a long-standing difficulty for them, or a result of recent arrival in the US with limited English-language background. AIR selected Illumina to create an on-line course for case managers, to help them effectively utilize data when working with their students in the program. The e-learning course centers around a 5-step decision model: identifying problems, gathering data, considering solutions, making decisions, and assessing impact. The course explains the model, and gives case managers opportunities to practice applying it, working through two example cases and selecting the most effective referral partners for the example clients. Case managers using the course have many chances to bring their own thoughts to the material, and also to capture and take away ideas from the course. For internal use within AIR, Illumina has completed several courses modules in the “Living the AIR Values” series for employees. AIR and Illumina are currently working on several more projects together.