IBIS and its client USA Today shared a vision for allyship, and the key contributions that allyship can make to advancing inclusion, mitigating biases, supporting diversity, and attaining equity for individuals and the organization that they are part of. IBIS and Illumina worked extensively with USA Today and parent company Gannett to design a series of elearning modules on the topic of allyship, for extensive use throughout the USA Today/Gannett organization. The “Becoming an Ally” e-learning module series consisting of four short modules:

  • Defining Allyship
  • The Impact of Allyship
  • Your Role as an Ally
  • Effective Allyship Strategies

Each module is 10-15 minutes in duration and includes video presentations and scenarios, with personal perspectives on allyship, and many scenarios to illustrate allyship opportunities and skills.

Illumina set up an instance on Epignosis’ TalentLMS, used to launch and complete enterprise-wide training for roughly 10,000 employees in under two months in August and September 2019. The elearning modules were then “genericized” and packaged by IBIS and Illumina to meet the needs of a wide range of organizations. Organizations can choose to use the modules exactly as provided, or they can work with IBIS and Illumina to customize the modules for their purposes, with changes ranging from simple branding for their own organization to addition of scenarios with particular relevance for their workplace.