The Point-of-Sale (POS) system, which restaurant staff use to take customer orders, communicate the orders to be made and delivered, and accept payment, is a crucial technology foundation for smooth restaurant operations and guest satisfaction. When Dunkin’ Brands provided its new POS to franchisees for use in their Dunkin’ restaurants, it was critical that franchisee staff become proficient in using the new system quickly. Illumina worked with Dunkin’ Brands training and operations staff to design a clear set of microlearning modules that would get staff knowledgeable and confident, as the new POS was deployed in their restaurant. Learning modules on skills like Ringing in Beverages, Ringing in Sandwiches, and Ringing in Bakery items contain initial explanatory material on a particular area of the system, followed by specific procedural guidance on how to enter orders and guest requests. Modules often have pop quizzes, to let the learner verify that they’re grasping the material, followed by a set of practice orders to ensure they are capable and confident before live dealings with systems and guests. The plan calls for approximately 40 different learning modules to cover the POS capabilities. Dunkin’ is making the modules available to franchisees as they are developed. The initial group of modules was released in September 2019, with additional modules following through the balance of 2019 and much of 2020. In the initial weeks after first module release, thousands of franchisee staff have used the modules to become familiar with their new POS and using it effectively to make guests happy.