This week, the Office of the U. S. Surgeon General launched a new initiative which was accompanied by custom animations created by the Illumina Team.

According to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services website, the Surgeon General’s new initiative, called Community Health and Economic Prosperity, “raises awareness of the U.S. health disadvantage and demonstrates to business leaders the opportunity investing in community health can bring to the business bottom line and the health of the economy.” The HHS website news release further touts the project, subtitled Engaging Businesses as Stewards and Stakeholders, is “the first report of its kind.”

For the project, Illumina Interactive was tapped by frequent partner American Institutes for Research (AIR) to develop the custom animations that accompany the report.

The three (3) colorful animations at 90 seconds each are designed to encourage business owners and community leaders to delve into the report, which urges them to work together on investing in improving health outcomes in their communities.   The animations were created by Illumina’s Senior Graphic Designer, John Scarano.

“We incorporated some of the key graphics that AIR had included in the report, but otherwise had the leeway to make it colorful and a little playful,” says Hal Stokes, Illumina’s Vice President of eLearning Development.

“It’s always gratifying to work on something that provides us the chance to be a part of a national agenda item, and we’re grateful to AIR for choosing us to work with them.”

The Surgeon General videos can be viewed on the Community Health and Economic Prosperity web page, or at the links below on the HHS YouTube channel: