Illumina has partnered with IBIS Consulting, a world leader in the DEI field, to complete major projects for a number of IBIS clients.

For worldwide insurance giant Assurant, Illumina created localized versions of IBIS’ popular Unconscious Bias series modules, with versions in French, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese. Availability of the localized versions enabled Assurant to reach their global workforce with learning that’s more accessible to employees in many nations. For multinational 3M, IBIS and Illumina developed and deployed a new course on Racial Equity. The course lets the learner become familiar with the foundation concepts in racial equity, and follow the experiences and perspectives of a number of different individuals in specific scenarios. With IBIS, Illumina developed a set of three courses for media and publishing leader Gannett, under the heading of inclusive culture. The courses covered a number of topics, from foundation concepts such as the importance of inclusion and the need for equity to ideas and specific recommendations for how to put the concepts into practice, with guidance on conducting inclusive conversations and building advocacy.

The courses from these most recent projects are all available from IBIS. Organizations can choose to use the modules exactly as provided, or they can work with IBIS and Illumina to customize the modules for their purposes, with changes ranging from simple branding for their own organization to addition of scenarios with particular relevance for their workplace.

These and other Illumina initiatives with IBIS illustrate the breadth of organizations that can benefit, with clients from healthcare, manufacturing, government, financial services, media and publishing, consumer packaged goods, technology, and non-profits all using IBIS DEI courses created by Illumina.