Back in November 2018, Jean Marrapodi wrote a blog post about her conference presentations, and the insanity of doing three such sessions at three different conferences in a one-week period ( We’ve slowed the pace to a more reasonable level, but continue to be active, talking publicly about key topics in learning. In December, Jean gave a webinar on “Evaluating Your Assessments: Are You Testing the Right Thing?”, with another webinar in February entitled “Universal Design for Learning.” At the Training 2019 Conference in Orlando February 25-27, Hal Stokes gave a presentation on “A Myriad of Ways to Bring Stories into Your Learning.” And on March 28-29, at the Learning Solution conference in Orlando, Jason Kramer and Jean Marrapodi will be speaking on “Headache Saving Process Shortcuts.” Drop in for these sessions if you’re going to be there, or if you’re just interested in the topic, contact us to get access to the presentations and talk about it!