At the beginning of August, Illumina welcomed our new Director of Sales & Marketing, Mike Mathews.

Mike is a national award-winning director of sales and marketing, creative director, and high-level business consultant with an exemplary track record of success in growing businesses and delivering exceptional results to the clients and organizations he’s had the privilege to serve. His skillset uniquely combines business-savvy and creative acumen.

Over the last 25 years, in addition to driving business success, he has helmed agency and tech-company creative departments, produced countless visually-captivating videos, websites and collateral for customers while simultaneously assisting many of those very same customers in successfully deploying those elements and driving their own business success.

It is this acute understanding of creative design, production, and business impact that allows Mike to serve his Illumina customers extraordinarily well from project inception to completion.

Mike will be instrumental in helping Illumina reach and serve new customers!