Illumina worked with a consortium of healthcare organizations in Florida, including Orlando Health, Moffitt Cancer Center, United Way of Broward County, and the Florida Blue Foundation. The aim of the consortium partners is to improve health outcomes for all Floridians. Currently, Florida ranks 44th of 51 states in health disparities. The datapoint reflects the unequal health burden among communities. To support closing this gap, the consortium partners have organized an educational intervention targeting healthcare providers. The educational intervention, of which the elearning modules are the core, seeks to transform a health provider’s knowledge, skill and practice in providing culturally and linguistically sensitive care.

Prior to this initiative, each healthcare organization has been responsible for creating any training on health equity for its personnel. The result has been a varied set of topics and approaches, with a mixture of delivery styles for the people being trained. The purpose of this initiative was to develop a more thorough and consistent set of learning offerings on the subject that could then be provided statewide. Also, by using a self-paced delivery style, it gives learners more flexibility to consume the learning at times that best fit their schedules. Illumina created a set of six elearning modules, covering topics such as health disparities, bias & stereotyping, cross-cultural communications, and implementing change for health equity. The plan is to distribute the learning modules to any individual working in healthcare that has contact with patients and an interest and passion for becoming a Health Equity trainer.