Illumina has always offered its clients assistance with creating course versions in different languages or for different locales. There has been a recent uptick in demand for this, with the past year seeing Illumina delivering course versions for different clients in Spanish, Canadian French, Continental French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese. Customer projects have ranged from single-language translations for clients like American Institutes for Research (AIR) to delivering six different languages simultaneously for global insurance provider Assurant.

All translation and localization projects require language conversion, but some have other elements as well. For example, in some cases images of people within the course must be changed to resemble the populations for the localized versions. In other cases, differences in laws and customs may require other changes to the content beyond language translation. In another example, localized product courses get modified to reflect the line-up of products offered, product names, and product images in each locale.

In addition to handling different languages, Illumina is also flexible in the aspects of the project that it takes on. Some clients want Illumina to take care of getting the content translated, while others already have their own translation partner or even internal resources to handle the translation, and look to Illumina to build the module(s) from the provided translation. As another example, for courses with videos embedded, sometimes Illumina will handle getting the different version(s) of the video created with the necessary language voiceover and/or captioning, and in other cases, clients take on such work and provide different language versions of any video to Illumina for incorporation into the language version of the course. So if an elearning initiative requires translation and localization, Illumina has extensive experience helping clients achieve what they need.