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The Illumina Team

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Custom e-learning development
Illumina emphasizes thoughtful instructional design and creative interactive development. Our experts unlock the full potential of technologies to engage and stimulate learners in uniquely powerful… READ MORE

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Multi-device applications
Illumina’s e-learning applications are designed to play on a wide range of devices and platforms: from standard web browsers to the latest tablet and mobile phone devices, including iOS, Android…READ MORE

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Blended learning programs
Increasingly, “blended learning” is coming to mean an appropriate, targeted selection of asynchronous self-paced e-learning, synchronous e-learning (in the form of live virtual classrooms and…READ MORE

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Learning communities & portals
Illumina develops online communities of shared practice that help our clients extend the learning experience beyond a single course or curriculum to create ongoing opportunities for growth and…READ MORE

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Accessibility and 508 compliance
Developing fully accessible e-learning applications isn’t easy. It often needs to start at the beginning of a project, with the instructional designer and the developer exploring how an intricate… READ MORE

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Translation and localization
Whether you need to globalize, localize, or both, Illumina offers extensive experience and an expert network of international language and learning resources. We have both the process and systems…READ MORE

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LMS & CMS implementation & integration
Whether you already have a suitable Learning Management System in place or need one as part of your project, Illumina can help. We always ask the right questions up front in order to determine the…READ MORE

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Hosting and support
Our services don’t stop when we launch a custom e-learning course or online learning portal. Whether you host it or you engage us to set up hosting for you, we stand by our work and provide… READ MORE