IBIS Consulting Group Unconscious Biases Series

The Challenge: 

Illumina diversity and inclusion content partner IBIS Consulting Group was looking to develop an off-the-shelf series on Unconscious Biases in the workplace to accompany their highly successful global diversity and inclusion series. They were looking for a unique design approach that would help the series stand out from the competition.

The Solution: 

Illumina has been partnering with IBIS since 2009 and together has developed custom online learning programs for ESPN, Xerox, Microsoft, Aflac, Williams Sonoma, Campbell Soup, Nestlé, McCormick Foods, Alzheimers Association and many other organizations. The four modules in the Unconscious Biases series, Introduction to Unconscious Bias, Recruiting and Hiring, Career Development and Performance Feedback, and Unconscious Biases in Team and Culture of Inclusion, were developed in 2016 and employ a complex integration of on-camera narrators shot on green-screen, engaging, dramatic video scenarios, lively animations and compelling interactivities. The fast-paced programs provide insight into hidden biases, and deliver effective, actionable solutions for leaders, managers, recruiters and employees in organizations across all industries and locations. The series was awarded two Fall 2016 OMNI Intermedia Awards.