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Industry-Leading U.S. Cleaning Products Company

Distributor Sales & End-User Elearning Hubs

The Challenge:

An industry-leading U.S. cleaning products company sought to transform the wealth of marketing and communications materials they had produced internally on their wide array of consumer and professional cleaning products and technologies to create compelling and uniformly high-quality training materials for their distributor sales teams across the U.S., Canada and international audiences. They also needed a robust, secure online learning platform to distribute everything to their global sales audiences, and later, to expand the training materials to a large network of professional cleaning service companies that utilize their products.

The Solution:

Illumina Interactive was engaged in an initial design and analysis phase to help curate the client’s existing materials, determine approach, and then embark on a large-scale design and production phase to produce what has become a growing library of over 30 course ware series each comprised of multiple micro learning modules in English, French and Spanish. In addition, Illumina set up a highly customized distributor sales learning management system built on the Talent LMS platform, with multiple instances, branches departments and groups, and including leader boards and gamification elements. The platform was launched in 2021 and continues to expand in use, and most recently was rolled out in an end-user training platform for the client’s professional cleaning service company network.


Industry-Leading U.S. Cleaning Products Company


What our clients say about us

“They are quick to understand and adapt as the specs have evolved over time. Being flexible and responsive is a huge benefit. Because a lot of clients don’t know what they need at the outset, the Illumina team is good at co-creating that solution and making informative recommendations.”   Rebecca Jackson Stoeckle Deputy Center Director, Center for Research on High Risk Behavior Health and Human Development Division, Education Development Center