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Illumina’s President, Michael Getz, and VP of Elearning Development, Hal Stokes, will lead a breakout session entitled “Practical Tips for Navigating the E-Learning Review Sea” at the Training 2020 Conference & Expo on February 24-26, in Orlando, FL.

E-learning practitioners – whether they’re part of an in-house training department, service providers and consulting companies, or independent contractors – can face challenges when it comes to getting all the key stakeholders on a project to review and sign off on deliverables. Whether it’s getting buy-in at the initial discovery and analysis stage or getting feedback and sign-off on content outlines, scripts, storyboards, graphics and media, prototypes, or functioning e-learning programs, we’ll provide practical tips from our experience on how to get things done right.

We’ll look at ways to get things started right at kickoff meetings, using project team collaboration systems with reviewer task lists and Kanban boards, online review tools, sequential vs. simultaneous customer reviews, in-person and video conference call review sessions, pilots and beta tests, and a lot more.

This very practical session will arm attendees with techniques and descriptions of tools they can put to use in achieving successful reviews during their next elearning project. They will be better prepared following this session.

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