Major Pharmaceutical Company Field Medical Product Launch Training

The Challenge: 

Develop a series of engaging e-learning modules to prepare medical liaisons, regional medical advisors and regional medical scientists at a major global pharmaceutical company with scientifically accurate and balanced information to customers for the rollout of a new treatment for type 2 diabetes.

The Solution: 

Illumina Interactive was engaged by medical communications partner, Six Degrees Medical, to develop the new series which follows a long line of similar online training initiatives Illumina and SDM have collaborated on for pharmaceutical product launch. The series is intended for a global audience, involved subject matter experts in the US and in Europe, and the typical regulatory and legal review processes expected in the industry. Illumina and SDM realized a creative storyline – “red thread” that weaves in and out through the modules in the series and introduces learners to patients, primary care physicians, research scientists, medical liaisons, and experts on the product and underlying medical knowledge.