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American Institutes for Research:

Literacy Zone Data Use Training for Case Managers

The Challenge:

The Literacy Zone is a reform initiative to close the achievement gap in urban and rural communities of concentrated poverty and high concentrations of families and individuals with limited literacy or English language proficiency. As one part of this initiative, New York State wanted training for its case managers in the effective use of data in working with students and making useful referrals. Illumina’s partner, American Institutes for Research, was working with New York State on this initiative, and included Illumina in the effort to develop an on-line course for case managers.

The Solution:

The e-learning course centers around a 5-step decision model: identifying problems, gathering data, considering solutions, making decisions, and assessing impact. The course explains the model, and gives case managers opportunities to practice applying it, working through two example cases and selecting the most effective referral partners for the example clients. Case managers using the course have many chances to bring their own thoughts to the material, and also to capture and take away ideas from the course.


American Institutes for Research

What our clients say about us

“They are quick to understand and adapt as the specs have evolved over time. Being flexible and responsive is a huge benefit. Because a lot of clients don’t know what they need at the outset, the Illumina team is good at co-creating that solution and making informative recommendations.”   Rebecca Jackson Stoeckle Deputy Center Director, Center for Research on High Risk Behavior Health and Human Development Division, Education Development Center