Universal Design & Accessibility

Is Flash Really Dead??? And What’s a Learning Department to Do About It?

It’s now more than seven years since Steve Jobs made the case that Flash was an outdated web technology and would not be supported on Apple iOS devices. Over the past year, companies like Google, Facebook and others have begun blocking Flash from their browsers and platforms unless users specifically opt in to enable Flash content and Microsoft and others are following suit. And in July of this year, Adobe announced that it would officially end all development and support for the Flash Player at the end of 2020.

Universal Design for Learning

Have you ever dragged your suitcase up a ramp to avoid schlepping it up the stairs? Ridden an elevator rather than exercise your way up six flights? Opened a door with your elbow? If you have, you've leveraged some of the features that designers put into buildings to make them universally designed.

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