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The Nuts & Bolts of Illumina's Development Process Toolkit

A custom eLearning design and development firm like ours uses a diverse blend of creative design, media authoring and programming tools in our business. However, from time to time we get asked about the kinds of tools and applications we use to manage our elearning and blended learning projects, as well as what we do to organize and coordinate all the files that are generated as part of our development processes.

Visuals in eLearning: Taking Stock of Stock Photography

What kinds of visuals do you use in your e-learning programs? Do you use stock photography? Do you occasionally download an image from a Google search as a placeholder in your storyboards? Do terms like "royalty-free" and "rights-managed" make you cringe? Today's article – about the ins and outs of using stock photography – comes to us from John Scarano, Illumina's talented Senior Graphic Designer.


Mind Mapping for Better Instructional Design

What if there was a better way?

Have you ever sat before a project that seemed too big to conquer? An event to plan? A committee with more ideas than action? A massive collection of content that you need to distill into a short eLearning course? An overwhelming problem you don't know how to solve?

What if there was a way to tackle those challenges that encapsulated the work into an actionable plan? There is!  Let's see how you can...

The Top 5 Causes for Delays in eLearning Course Development, and How to Crush Them

Can You Relate?

We've all been there. Working on creating new courses, knowing how much they'll help learners, only to see benefits diminish and enthusiasm wane as the development gets delayed. Not only that, when course development takes longer, it often costs more, too. Illumina staff have taken part in literally hundreds of course development efforts. We're going to share our insights about how to prevent or at least reduce project derailments and delays.

Better eLearning: Lessons From Marketing

At Illumina Interactive, we’re always learning and on the hunt for new ideas. One of the ways we do that is to leverage the talented people in our personal learning network who we’ve met over the years.

Is Flash Really Dead??? And What’s a Learning Department to Do About It?

It’s now more than seven years since Steve Jobs made the case that Flash was an outdated web technology and would not be supported on Apple iOS devices. Over the past year, companies like Google, Facebook and others have begun blocking Flash from their browsers and platforms unless users specifically opt in to enable Flash content and Microsoft and others are following suit. And in July of this year, Adobe announced that it would officially end all development and support for the Flash Player at the end of 2020.

Building eLearning: Behind the Scenes with Project Management

This fall we've been touring the flip side of Illumina's work, meeting the members of the team it takes to create world-class elearning. We introduced you to an infographic of our team approach to elearning courseware creation, and have already introduced you to John Scarano, our Senior Graphic Designer, and Ashley Shaffer, our Quality Assurance Specialist. This month, we're going to look at project management, and the work our PMs do to ensure things stay on schedule to meet customer deadlines.

Building eLearning: Behind the Scenes with Quality Assurance

Last month we began our backstage tour of Illumina's work by exploring the world of graphic design and what it takes to create a world-class look and feel for elearning. We introduced you to our infographic of our team approach to content creation. This month, we're going to look at quality assurance, and the work we do to ensure things work perfectly in your elearning programs. Our blog editor caught up with Ashley Shaffer, Illumina's magnate of precision and detail to hear her story of quality assurance work. 

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Recently, I purchased a home with several preexisting gardens. I've loved seeing all the beautiful displays that springtime brings, but never realized how much energy it took to get from dirt to glorious, and gaa! you get dirty in the process. What parallels are there with training? Let's consider that in today's Illuminating Ideas. We'll look at two related topics -- how to have a great garden, and how to improve your skills as a gardener.

Contrary Mary

The old nursery rhyme begins with a question, asking what it takes to make the lovely garden grow. 

Five Steps to Stellar Scenarios

Ideally, what would you want your audience to take away from their learning activities? You’d like them to emerge with expanded knowledge or skills, and the inclination and confidence to apply them at work. We know that stories increase learner interest in our content. When the learner is the central character in a story, making decisions as a player and discovering the outcomes of their choices, we call it a scenario. They become more engaged as they practice their new skills in a safe environment.

Illumina on the Move

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