Project Management

An E-Learning Contract That Helps You Succeed

So you’ve selected an outside vendor to help with your company’s e-learning project – or you’re that vendor who’s just been awarded said e-learning project – everyone’s excited to get to work. But there’s this small matter of getting a contract in place as quickly as possible, without losing momentum. This post shares some of Illumina’s 20+ years of experience with e-learning development contracts – what to look for and include, and how certain subtleties will help you deal with the practical issues of completing your project – and maintaining it afterwards.

The Nuts & Bolts of Illumina's Development Process Toolkit

A custom eLearning design and development firm like ours uses a diverse blend of creative design, media authoring and programming tools in our business. However, from time to time we get asked about the kinds of tools and applications we use to manage our elearning and blended learning projects, as well as what we do to organize and coordinate all the files that are generated as part of our development processes.

The Top 5 Causes for Delays in eLearning Course Development, and How to Crush Them

Can You Relate?

We've all been there. Working on creating new courses, knowing how much they'll help learners, only to see benefits diminish and enthusiasm wane as the development gets delayed. Not only that, when course development takes longer, it often costs more, too. Illumina staff have taken part in literally hundreds of course development efforts. We're going to share our insights about how to prevent or at least reduce project derailments and delays.

Building eLearning: Behind the Scenes with Project Management

This fall we've been touring the flip side of Illumina's work, meeting the members of the team it takes to create world-class elearning. We introduced you to an infographic of our team approach to elearning courseware creation, and have already introduced you to John Scarano, our Senior Graphic Designer, and Ashley Shaffer, our Quality Assurance Specialist. This month, we're going to look at project management, and the work our PMs do to ensure things stay on schedule to meet customer deadlines.

Scoring Extra Points at the Kickoff (Meeting)

Project kickoffs: What's your team’s game plan?

Hut… Hut… Red 32… Omaha… Set… HIKE!
Yeah, you can probably tell that some of us are getting a little antsy with football season still so far off, and just can’t wait for that opening game kickoff. And speaking of kickoffs, we have a lot of them in our industry. We’ve learned a few things we’d love to share with you about how to plan ahead for really productive kickoff meetings that start e-learning projects off on the right foot.

Continuous Improvement - Examine the Obvious

Ten-year-old Ashley perched on the kitchen stool watching her mother prepare the ham for Sunday's dinner. "Mama, why are you cutting the end off the ham?"

"You know, sweetheart, I'm not exactly sure," said Mom. "That's the way my mother always did it, so I assumed that's the way it was done. You must always cut an inch off of the smaller end."

"It seems like a bit of a waste, doesn't it?" asked the little girl.

Course Updates: Planning Prevents Problems

Have you ever needed to revise an existing course? Perhaps some facts changed, or the opener with a video of the CEO needs to be replaced because she has retired, or (heaven forbid!) your company has rebranded itself and you have to change all of the colors and the logo of the entire course. Each of these requires a different work effort, so you'll want to plan your time accordingly. 


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