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Adaptive Learning Comes of Age

Back in the early days of my career, I was privileged to be involved in something that has lately become a fairly hot topic in today’s eLearning community. I’m talking about what we’re now calling “adaptive learning.”

The year was 1991, and in that time there wasn’t such a catch-all name for what we were doing. Back then, most companies were producing their training programs on videotape. Which is precisely where I fit in, making my living writing, producing and directing corporate and educational training videos.

Three in a Week? What Was I Thinking?

I just returned from a whirlwind adventure of speaking at three conferences in a week. Three airports, two cities, one hotel, one AirBnB apartment, and three presentations in three different conference centers is a lot to juggle, but the learning, new connections, seeing friends and new discoveries made it all worthwhile. If you aren't attending conferences and professional development sessions to expand your horizons, perhaps you should rethink that. Let me share my discoveries.

Guest Blog: Why Customer Experience Training Matters

Today’s post is from Bruce Temkin, a long-time client at Illumina Interactive. His company, the Temkin Group, helps many of the world’s largest organizations improve their customer experience. Through their research of leading trends and best practices, they advise and train companies by driving change across organizations, impacting millions of customers and thousands of employees.

Mind Mapping for Better Instructional Design

What if there was a better way?

Have you ever sat before a project that seemed too big to conquer? An event to plan? A committee with more ideas than action? A massive collection of content that you need to distill into a short eLearning course? An overwhelming problem you don't know how to solve?

What if there was a way to tackle those challenges that encapsulated the work into an actionable plan? There is!  Let's see how you can...

Guest Blog: Lessons from a Nationwide News Story

In early April of this year, an incident of racial bias at a Starbucks store became a nationwide news story that resulted in many companies around the country looking at the issue even more closely than before. At Illumina Interactive we were particularly attuned to the story because we’d recently launched a series of online learning programs on unconscious bias with one of our content partners, IBIS Consulting Group, a leader in workplace diversity and inclusion. 

You've Never Had a Blueberry Muffin?

It was a gloomy, gray February morning at Training 2018 in Atlanta. Michael Getz, our President and Founder, and I were in the final minutes before the kickoff of our Rubrics 101 workshop. We'd carefully crafted our handouts and our slides to provide a good experience for the conference attendees who would be joining our session.  I'm am not a morning person, so presenting at 8:00 AM session was extra challenging. The tweets were flying!

Building eLearning: Behind the Scenes with Instructional Design

Last fall we began our backstage tour of Illumina's process for creating eLearning. We've looked at Project Management, Graphic Design, Quality Assurance, and Development to learn what it takes to create a world-class look and feel for eLearning. Our series wouldn't be complete if we didn't catch up with our experts who align content, activities and assessments with learning goals. We close out our behind the scenes series with Instructional Design. Our blog editor caught up with Mary Ellen Whitaker and Jean Marrapodi, Illumina's instructional designers, to hear how they contribute to the process.

Five Steps to Stellar Scenarios

Ideally, what would you want your audience to take away from their learning activities? You’d like them to emerge with expanded knowledge or skills, and the inclination and confidence to apply them at work. We know that stories increase learner interest in our content. When the learner is the central character in a story, making decisions as a player and discovering the outcomes of their choices, we call it a scenario. They become more engaged as they practice their new skills in a safe environment.

Getting Learners What They Need

Sputter, sputter, splat. Silence. Recently, my Keurig painfully ground to a halt as I was making my morning coffee. How unfair to expect me to deal with this before caffeine! My first response? Post its obituary on Facebook. Within 30 minutes I had all kinds of advice and a link to a video that showed me how could get it going again. If I'd been more awake, or perhaps hadn't determined that my coffee maker was dead, I might have hopped onto Google or searched YouTube for a way to fix it.

When we are solving a problem, this is how we operate in the real world.

Universal Design for Learning

Have you ever dragged your suitcase up a ramp to avoid schlepping it up the stairs? Ridden an elevator rather than exercise your way up six flights? Opened a door with your elbow? If you have, you've leveraged some of the features that designers put into buildings to make them universally designed.

Illumina on the Move

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