Maggie Grow

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Senior Project Manager

Maggie Grow has been managing projects in the multimedia world for over twenty years.  A significant aspect of Maggie’s project management success is her expertise in developing strong client relationships and effective team building.  Solid organizational skills coupled with her attention to project details help ensure that client expectations are set and met.  Maggie earned her Bachelor’s degree in English and her Master’s degree in Education and maintains a firm commitment to training and education at all levels.  Maggie’s experience is broad and varied and encompasses the pharmaceutical, financial services, and insurance industries as well as the non-profit sector.  Regardless of industry, Maggie manages teams of professionals including instructional designers, writers, graphic artists, audio and video production, programmers, and quality assurance team members.  Whether it is determining project scope, managing schedules of multiple deliverables, or establishing and maintaining effective client communication, the ultimate goal on each endeavor is client satisfaction.  Maggie and team recently worked with the Center for Telepsychology on a course to help therapists understand both the conceptual foundation and the practical application of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  The International E-Learning Association recognized Illumina Interactive as Runner-up in the Business Division in their 2014 E-Learning Awards for outstanding e-learning development.